Market Overview

ByBarter is committed to putting the power back into the hands of the users. Our platform is built on the principle of user autonomy, ensuring that individuals have full control over their financial assets without the oversight or interference of centralized authorities.

This empowerment extends beyond the mere holding of assets; it encompasses the ability to participate freely in the global economy, making payments, and accessing funds seamlessly across borders. Our goal therefore focuses on the following:

ByBarter's Self-Custodial Banking application based out of El Salvador provides financial inclusion for the world's unbanked & underbanked populations in South America, Middle East, Africa & Asia. We are providing banking opportunities for citizens of over 160 countries which Revolut refused to onboard.

Our decentralized on & off ramping infrastructure caters for the over 85 million users of self-custody wallets who are constrained to interface with CEX just to convert their fiat to crypto & vice versa

We are creating opportunities with our blockchain based cross border payment solution for over 1 billion people living in countries with high inflation rates & poor access to FOREX that can use Crypto to protect value and conduct business internationally.

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